How It Works

Choose A Membership Package

There are three levels in the business membership packages.

You can sign up for our Business Class membership which provides access to all of our online video training courses.

Our Business Pro package includes the online video training courses plus you can manage your social media posts with Social Talk, our social media dashboard. Social Talk allows you to search for news, video, and other ideas and create images and memes right within your dashboard.

Or you can try the Business Premiere membership which includes access to the previous memberships Plus our powerful Prospect Rocket CRM. Prospect Rocket CRM gives you all of the power of email marketing right at your fingertips. This is the same system that we use here at IYBS Local. The IYBS Prospect Rocket also comes loaded with email campaigns that are customized to your B2B industry target market.

Create A Learning Plan

The information and training can be a bit overwhelming if you try to learn everything in one day.

The best approach is to create a learning plan that fits into your business and personal lifestyle. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your online marketing training programs.

Start with the programs that coincide with your marketing calendar. For instance, if you have planned to run Facebook Advertising, and you need to learn how to effectively create and use Facebook Ads, then start with the Facebook Marketing or Facebook Ads 2.0 module. If you have not created a marketing calendar or do not know where to begin with your online marketing, you should begin with the basic Micro Business Online Marketing classes.

Then, as you get more comfortable, try other modules that fit your business needs. Remember, you may not need to use all of the video training offered here, just choose the modules that fit your target audience or the training that meets your business goals.

Take notes on important parts of the training so that you won't have to search for those areas when you need them.

Ask questions. Use the support forum for any questions that you may have on accessing your information and training.